I value honesty; I look for it from those who's reviews I turn to when shopping for new products. I would not consider being anything less than 100% honest with any of you who look to me for my reviews.

I take great pride in my blog, Fairest's Favorites, and take seriously my responsibility to my readers and followers to give honest reviews of the products I use. This is not only true for the items that I purchase, but also those that have been gifted to me from a company.

If I receive a gift from a company, it will be noted in the blog post. Any review on these products are my opinion. Compensation, in any form, will not influence my thoughts and/or review of a product.

Some of the links (and banners) on my blog are affiliate links. This means that I may receive compensation for you clicking on or shopping through those links. Although it's at no additional cost to you, it does help me and my blog. As always, I appreciate you and your support.