Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Victoria's Secret Haul

'Tis the season to score some holiday deals for everyone on your list and... stock up on essentials for yourself. That's okay right? 

I did a little shopping at Victoria's Secret this week. I wanted to redeem my Secret Rewards Cards before they expired and pick up a few "necessities" for myself.

For those of you not familiar, Secret Rewards Cards were earned before December 5th with purchases of $10 or more. Each card is worth either $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500. Cards can be used in stores or online. 

If you haven't used your Secret Rewards Cards yet, get on it!
They expire on Friday, December 20, 2013. 

I decided to share my recent purchases with you for some gift ideas for the girls on your list. It's all PG, promise. For more gift ideas, check out my Holiday Gift Guide: $50 and Under.

For The Gym Rats:

VS Sport Incredible Sport Bra-
Retails for $49.50-$56.50

Victoria's Secrets sports bras are called The World's Best for a reason. The company knows bras so it doesn't surprise me they have an amazing sports bra. My favorite is the Incredible. With it's maximum support, it's ideal for running and other high impact workouts. Sizes are based on your normal bra size and it has an adjustable closure to make sure the band fits just right. It also has lots of added comfort features like wicking material for keeping dry, padded straps, and padded underwire for support and comfort. Whoever said No Pain, No Gain obviously wasn't wearing this sports bra.

I've purchased two, Deep Sapphire and Black. They were on sale for $25 in stores.

For The Lounger:

Sorry about picture quality. I'm not sure what happened.

VS Pink Boyfriend Fit Sweat Pants-
Retails for $46.50

These straight leg sweats are soft, comfy, and cozy. I think these are my favorite style because they're roomy, not restrictive at all. I purchased a navy pair that was on sale (in stores) for $25. 

VS Graphic Fleece Pullover-
Retails for $48

Did I need another sweater? Probably not, but I felt this cute graphic crew neck pullover sweater and couldn't leave without it. It didn't hurt that it was on sale. There were several different prints available, but I loved the hot pink kissy print. 

VS Essential Tees Henley Tee-
Retails for 24.50

I actually ordered this online, but since it just came in I thought I'd include it. This 3/4 length sleeve shirt is so unbelievably soft. I love the berry-purple shade. The button closure would make this perfect for layering over a camisole or tank top.

Upcoming Sales:

In stores tomorrow (12/19):
All undies 50% Off
VS Fantasies body products 50% Off

Check out for the most up to date sales.

In The Comments:
Anyone else guilty of doing personal shopping during the holidays?
Also, let me know what you purchased with your Secret Rewards Cards. 


  1. I still haven't been to Victoria's secret but I'd love to go on a huge haul - it'll probably take me all day :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Ha! Yes, there's lot to try on and tons of colors and patterns to choose from.

  2. aaah i want those sports bra, please open in asia victorias secret. i only get to buy their items thru ebay ^^

    1. I didn't know that there's no VS in Asia. Learn something new everyday. It's good that you've had luck on eBay though.

  3. I absolutely love the pullover with the lips on it. It's super cute && I definitely would've bought it if I saw it. I have the PINK sweatpants in pink && they're superrr comfy. I love lounging around in them but they're also cute enough to wear out && not look lazy. :)

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

    1. I use to wear the sweats a lot when I was in college. They were comfy for just hanging out.

  4. Great stuff! I too have bought some softer, comfy and easy to wear bras (not sports ones though) from la senza for work on most days. I love that shirt with the lips! So lovely! I'd pair those with loose shorts for sleeping in!

    1. I haven't heard of la senza before, I'll need to look into that.

  5. Hey chica!
    great post! I absolutely am SO guilty of personal shopping throughout the holidays. I just cannot help it. All the sales lure me in, its their fault ;) I really love VS-- they can have some pretty spectacular deals at times and I am sure to always be on the alert to when they are lol

    The sports bras are so awesome. I have a very small chest, so those are ideal for me to wear to workout in but not feel SO flat chested like most sports bras do.

    Great post, and thanks for sharing!

    Rica x0x
    I comment4comment && follow4follow <3


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