Monday, November 25, 2013

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers

After all of the rave reviews from the UK, I had to get my hands on a couple of Rimmel Show Off lip lacquers (also known as Apocalips) once they were released in the US. I've been using these lacquers for a couple months and I'm ready to share my thoughts.

There are a total of 14 shades (8 in the UK) in a variety of colors. The majority come in a cream finish, but there are also several with shimmer. Rimmel claims that these lip lacquers are a hybrid product with the color payoff of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss. These retail for $4.99 and are available at Walgreens. 

I currently have two shades (Apocaliptic and Stellar), but my mom let me borrow her two shades (Celestial and Galaxy) to swatch for you.

Apocaliptic is a bright fuchsia pink. I'm wearing it in this FOTD.

Stellar is a bright coral red.

Celestial is a pretty mauve.
Galaxy is a plummy mauve with shimmer.

The Show Off lip lacquers are extremely pigmented and opaque. Despite their color payoff, they apply like a gloss and glide on smoothly. 

The doe foot applicator has a hollow center to deposit enough product on the lips without having to re-dip the wand.  

I recommend being careful with application. Since this product glides on so easily, it has a tendency to glide a little too much. I always do the thumb trick after applying. 

The Thumb Trick: 
Take thumb (or index finger) and stick it in mouth and close lips around it. 
While keeping mouth closed, pull thumb out. 
This helps to keep the lip product from getting onto the teeth. 

The glossy finish wears off after a couple hours, but color is long wearing; it remains for several more hours. Even after all of the lip product has worn away, lips are left stained.

I can eat and drink with this lacquer on my lips and the color remains (even if the shine fades). The color is transferable (and not kiss proof) so be careful!

I notice a little bit of feathering or bleeding with the brighter shades like Apocaliptic and Stellar. It's not very noticeable from normal distance, but I can see it 'cause I have really good eyesight. haha. 

I can't really describe what it smells like, it's a strange artificial scent. Even though I don't like the scent, I don't notice it after a few minutes so it's not really an issue for me. 

Un-Opened vs Opened

Quick Glance:
  • Very pigmented
  • Opaque
  • Long wearing
  • Staining
  • Shinny

  • Must apply carefully
  • Transfers
  • Strange scent
  • Feathering/Bleeding

Despite the cons, I really like the Rimmel Show Off lip lacquers. I love their pigmentation and how they wear throughout the day. Even though the initial finish fades, the color can last for about 6 hours and then after that my lips are left with a stain. Since it's transferable, it's not appropriate for any and all occasions. Most people don't want a kiss stained on their cheek this holiday. 

In The Comments:
Have you tried Rimmel Show Off (or Apocalips) lip lacquers? 
Let me know your thoughts or your favorite shade.


  1. Gosh the colours look amazing, I'll need to try one. I really liked the swatches you did x

    1. Thanks! I'm glad the swatches were helpful

  2. I love these! These are so crazy pigmented, its great.

  3. I'm totally in love with these! Favorite color by far is apocalyptic and celestial for sure, both of which are amazing! Glad to see your take on this product dear!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

    1. Apocaliptic is my favorite. It's just a perfect pink.

  4. i have stellar but it i just /so/ bright on me. i never end up using it :(
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. It's really bright on me too. The way I've been wearing it lately is to apply it, then blot it. It keeps the pigmentation without looking quite as bright. Much more wearable that way.

  5. Hey beautiful!

    I just did a review on my Rimmel SHOW OFF lip product a couple weeks ago as well! So funny we buy them around the same time. I really love it. The color is super pigmented, and that is always good especially when you want to make your lips the statement feature on your face. You definitely have to wear this with neutral eyes, otherwise you may look like a Drag Queen.. LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

    Rica xx

    1. Ha! Glad you like yours too! It is a lot of color for sure!

  6. Great review! Thanks for adding the "pros/cons" at the end – sums things up nicely :) I am loving how these lacquers look. Might have to grab some on my next trip!

    1. Glad you liked the quick Pros/Cons list Sara!


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