Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Halloween Tag

Only one more week till Halloween! Kendra, from Beauty By Kendra C, and I have teamed up together to create a Halloween inspired tag. So, if you aren't already feeling festive, check out this tag and share your own Halloween stories. We'd love it if you'd take part in the tag too!

The Halloween Tag

1.  What is your favorite Halloween movie?
I get far too scared watching scary/horror movies, but  
It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is right up my ally.

Me as Miss America. I think I was about 6 years old.

2.  What was your favorite costume?
When I was a little girl, I dressed up as Miss America and wore a red satin sash with glitter writing and a tiara. My grandpa had surprised me with a bouquet of roses to carry; I felt so special.

3.  Do you like haunted houses?
Silly haunted houses are fine, but scary ones... no thanks!

4.  What's your favorite candy?
I'm typically a chocoholic, but I really like fruity or sour candies for Halloween. 
Nerds and Sour Gummy Worms are some of my favorites.

5.  Do you decorate for Halloween?
I like pumpkin decorations, but I don't do more than that.

6.  Do you still dress up for Halloween? If yes, what will you be this year?
I dress up for Halloween costume parties, 
but I can never decide on what to be until the day before or day of.

7.  What is the one Halloween candy you can't stand?
I use to trade the ones I got Trick-or-Treating with my brother (they're his favorite).

8.  What's your best Halloween memory?
I have lots of great Halloween memories, but one of my favorites was when 
I went out Trick-or-Treating in High School with one of my best friends. 
We were way too old, but we had a blast.

9.  What song comes to mind when you think of Halloween?
Monster Mash... 
It was a graveyard smash!

10.  What's your favorite part of Halloween?
Getting to play dress up. 
I loved dressing up when I was younger and haven't ever really grown out of that. 

11.  Would you rather trick or treat?

12.  Candy Corn- Take It or Leave It?
I actually really like candy corn, but I'm unsure why.


13.  If a black cat crosses your path, what do you do?
I may try to pet it. 
I don't think black cats are a bad omen; 
I had a black cat, Maddi for 9 years and she was very sweet.

My first pumpkin!

14.  Do you carve/decorate pumpkins?
I carved my first pumpkin last year and had a lot of fun doing it so I may do it again this year.

15.  How old were you when you stopped Trick-or-Treating?
I think I stopped at about 4th grade, but then started up again in High School. I've always looked young for my age so I was able to get away with it :)

16.  Festive Nail Art- Yes or No?
Yes! I love how creative people get with their nail art, especially around Halloween.
Check out my NOTD to see my Halloween inspired mani.

I Tag You!
Everyone is tagged to do The Halloween Tag and I'd love it if you'd share with me the link to your post in the comments below so I can check out your answers. Also, check out Kendra's YouTube video on the tag to see her answers!

Let me know in the comments if you celebrate Halloween?


  1. What a sweetheart your grandpa is for getting you a bouquet of roses to go with the costume! Great tag!

    1. :) I'm glad you liked the tag, I hope you do it too!

  2. I like your pretty blog, I'll be back more often =)
    I saw just started to follow you on Bloglovin', do you want to follow each other on GFC?
    Let me know so I can follow you back.
    Kisses, Ana

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'll be sure to check out your blog :)

    2. Thank you for you nice comment and for following :) I just started to follow you on GFC
      Like I said I'll be back for sure.

  3. This is so much fun! Thanks for tagging me, I'll try to do the tag before Halloween rolls around ;)

    Charming Silence

    1. Your welcome! I hope you're able to do the tag :)

    2. I'm so happy I finally did the tag! Thanks again for tagging me :)

      Charming Silence

  4. ! thanks fro the tag! i still haven't done the beauty things i suck at yet but i think i might turn these into videos! (except super scared to foray into the world of video making....)
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. That would be awesome! Right now I'm taking a break from editing a video to go along with tomorrows post. If I can figure out how to work this movie editing program it will be my first beauty video! My advice (not that you asked for it haha) is just take the plunge. What's the worst that can happen?

  5. Thanks so much for doing this with me Nikki! It was fun! I love all your answers- mmmm candy corn! ha ha I love that you posted pics to go along with it! Great idea!


    1. Ha! I love that you love candy corn too! :) Glad you liked the pics, when I was watching your video I thought aww I wanna see your little girl as a turtle!

  6. i also get scared of horror movies and haunted house so easily! ^^ haha im happy to know im not alone. playing dress up is also the main thing i look forward to every Halloween. PS. you look very pretty on your picture here! and thank you so much for including me in this tag, i appreciate it <3

    1. Aw, thank you! I like knowing that I'll never be too old to play dress up, I'll always have an excuse.

  7. Thanks for tagging me in this! Great that you created it :)
    I actually did this tag! Check it out here Halloween Tag

    xoxo Making It Sparkle

  8. I've never actually celebrated Halloween until this year, haha. And I've never carved a pumpkin either! I SHOULD DO THAT NEXT YEAR ;-; (feel like I'm missing out on some good Halloween memories here)

    I don't like Butterfingers either, but I do like sour gummy worms! This tag is too cute though c:
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Wow! That's so cool that this was your first year celebrating. I hope you had a fun time and for sure try pumpkin carving next year!


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