Thursday, October 31, 2013

OOTD: Feline Flair for Halloween

Happy Halloween!
One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up (and of course, candy). Kids aren't the only ones that can have fun, adults can dress up too. I'm feeling festive and have added a few feline touches to today's outfit. It's a simple cat "costume" that's appropriate for the weather and my day ahead.

I'd wear this outfit any day... minus my cat ears. It's not outlandish, but with a couple additions it becomes a cat costume.

The Basics:
Victoria's Secret V-neck Leopard Print Tee Shirt

I'm wearing a leopard print V-neck shirt from Victoria's Secret. It's chilly out so I must add a sweater when headed outdoors. I've added a black cardigan from Loft.

Target Boots

I have my black pants tucked inside my black boots from Target.

Coach Black Leather Purse

Today, I'm carrying a black leather Coach purse. 

Aside from stud earrings, I've skipped jewelry today because I'm going as a wild cat, not a collar wearing house cat.  :)

Feline Flair:
Target Cat Ears

I'm wearing a black headband with leopard print cat ears. I purchased it from Target. I found it in the dollar section... for a dollar. If, at any time, the ears seem inappropriate, I can simply remove the headband.

To enhance the cat look, I lined my lashes with black, winged eye liner to create a cat eye effect. Makeup counts as an accessory right? 

In the comments:
Do you dress up for Halloween? 
If so, what are you wearing today?


  1. Today I'm wearing a skeleton outfit since my girls are also skeletons for Halloween this year. It is a little skeleton mini-dress with bone thigh highs. However, since I don't want to teach young girls that the only adult costumes are inappropriate and hoochie-esque, I'm wearing the mini dress like a shirt over black cords (from Loft) which I've folded up to mid-calf to expose some of the bones. I also fashioned a necklace using a dark pair of pearls onto which I've clipped a spider pin and a ghost pin.

    I'm sure I'll still get faces for being dressed at all, but my kids like it and I'm doing it for them. (I never dressed up as an adult until I had kids--except for throwing on a festive headband or some piece of head gear. The most I did was wear my old Outback uniform one year because it's just a shirt with pins on it which I wore with jeans.)

    Now I'm off to the Halloween parade at school!

    1. Aw that sounds so cute! I hope you took pictures. I agree it can be hard finding appropriate adult costumes.
      I hope you had a fun time at the parade and trick-or-treating!

  2. Hello! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Your blog looks very professional and nice! I really like it! If you do not mind, we can follow each other!



    1. Thanks so much for the comment. Of course we can follow eachother!

  3. You look seriously gorgeous! Love your simple halloween outfit. =)
    Sincerely Renny

    1. Thanks Renny! That's so nice of you to say!

  4. love your smile lady! i didn't dress up or do anything halloween this year but maybe next? finally got around to doing your 'beauty things i suck at' tag. turned it into a video which will get posted soon i think.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. :) Thanks Jen! There is always next year and you have all this time to plan! I will have to check out the video, I just watched the 50 Things Tag you did, I loved it.


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