Monday, October 28, 2013

NOTD: Wet n' Wild Night Prowl

There's only a few days left until Halloween so I wanted to select a polish that would be fitting for the holiday. In last weeks NOTD I showed how to created a festive Spooky Eye nail. I understand that not everyone is into nail art so this week I've come up with another option that's simple, but fun, and will get you ready for the 31st!

I applied a base coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty.

I added two coats of Wet n' Wild Wild Shine polish in Night Prowl. One coat would also work, but I wanted my nails to be super sparkly. 

Night Prowl is a black base polish with purple glitter. While this can be worn at any time, I thought it would be perfect for Halloween.

This polish is much more glittery than it is in the photo.

The glitter polish dries with a somewhat gritty finish so I added Essie Good To Go top coat to leave my nails with a smooth, with a shinny finish.

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Will you be doing anything special with 
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  1. I LOVE ❤❤❤ Night Prowl so much! It's such a great glitter polish for such a great price! Plus it IS perfect for this festive spooky season!!


    1. I really liked the nail art you did using this polish!

  2. Love the purple glitter in this. It makes it more interesting than your traditional black. I'm wearing Essie's the lace is on

  3. i really like the subtle glitter here. it makes the black less harsh and more interesting w/o being super outthere. more sophisticated
    A Beautiful Zen


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