Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Look For Less: Reese Witherspoon

Yesterday, I received the November 2013 issue of Glamour magazine in the mail. I started flipping through and stopped at the Dos & Don'ts article (page 64). Reese Witherspoon is shown wearing a casual outfit that she dressed up with great accessories. The magazine broke down how readers can recreate the look with 6 key elements. I love when looks are recreated, but hate when that look is so expensive that the average reader can't afford it!

That brings me to today's post. I was on a mission to find similar, great pieces and at a fraction of the cost of Glamour's choices. Keep reading and let me know if you think I succeeded. 

Glamour Magazine's 6 pieces:

Jean-Michel Cazabat heels

Grand Total=$1,299
Really? Seriously?

My 8 (yes eight) pieces:


Grand Total=$229.45
or $206.77 without my two bonus items

I splurged a little on the heels and bag. The heals are pretty spot on; Reese's and the Jessica Simpson shoes both have single sided cutouts. As far as bags go, I think it's a wise choice to spend a little more for quality materials and manufacturing, especially for a larger bag that will be holding lots of items and used more than a couple times. No one wants their purse to be heavier than the stitching can hold and spill its contents everywhere. Has anyone ever been in that situation? If so, I think you'll agree.

So what do you think? How did I do at re-creating the look?

Also, let me know in the comments...
Do you prefer seeing budget friendly options or designer splurge items in magazines?


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my blog!


  2. Hi, I found your blog via All Things Glitter and Beauty and wanted to stop by and say hi! You have a great blog and I'm now following.

    I would much rather see budget friendly options in magazines. One positive of the recession was that magazines didn't put as many spendy things in!

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and subscribing :) That's interesting that you've noticed a shift; I hadn't been paying that close of attention before.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! I'd love to have them in my closet :)
      Thanks so much for subscribing!

  4. great finds hunny think you have done a great job with this look!!

    hey hope you can stop buy our giveaway 2xmac, benefit and urban decay woohoo!!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the give away! I'll check it out :)

  5. You definitely recreated the look; in fact, I prefer yours. And you're so right-- $1300 for a casual outfit? Come on! There's no reason for any tee shirt to cost $195! Is it spun from gold? No? Then it shouldn't be more than $20! Screw you, Fashion Industry!

    To answer your other question-- I can understand having designer splurge items in fashion magazines (after all, they're probably the advertisers and likely have a stake in the magazines which need money to keep running), but my favorite spreads are those that offer both budget-friendly and designer options side-by-side. That way, there's something for everyone in there and people can see that it's possible to look high-fashion even if they can't afford or aren't willing to spend on the big-names at that time (or ever). Not to mention, by showing options, maybe someone would be more likely to splurge on ONE PIECE of a designer look (the bag or the shoes, for instance) if she could afford to save money on the other pieces. Magazines should do more to be inclusive of their varied readership. I feel the same way about the types of models they put in magazines: have a little of everything in there--diverse models showing women of all body types, skin tones, ethnic backgrounds, hair colors/styles, and even levels of quote-unquote attractiveness--so that women everywhere can recognize that the magazine is "them," regardless of their look. It isn't so much the "everyone is beautiful" thing, but more like "everyone is represented." At least in that instance we wouldn't be fostering this stupid one-size-fits-all mode of thinking that says, "If you look X way as represented by this magazine spread, then you fit in. If not, this is what you should aspire to be; here's the model."

  6. i think i like see super splurges in magazines. budget stuff is good but i want to ideas that come with things that only the super-rich can buy (lol) and then try and make it my own w/ things i find around.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Haha! I see what you're saying. I like seeing how the other half lives. I just wish there were more ideas. I really love spluge vs. steel or look for less type of comparisons because it's the best of both worlds.

  7. I love your blog so much, this post is amazing!
    if you ever have time I'd really appreciate it if you'd come check out my blog and maybe leave me some feedback?! im new to blogging! thanks :)

    Katie xoxo

    1. Thanks Katie! I'll definitely check out your new blog!


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