Monday, September 23, 2013

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio in Sweet As Candy

Happy Fall, ya'll! 

I couldn't resist rhyming. Yesterday, September 22, marked the first day of Fall. I had originally planned on doing a First Day of Fall OOTD- as I've done one for the past seasons (Spring and Summer). However, I've been sick in bed most of the week and wasn't about to do an OOTD wearing my PJ's. Ahh, what a glamorous life I lead. :) 

I'll be saving my Fall OOTD for a later date. Instead, I'm going to take this opportunity to swatch and review one of my most reached-for shadows, Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio in Sweet As Candy

The Color Icon Trio include 3 complementary eye shadow shades that can be used to create a complete shadow look. Each shade is stamped (Browbone, Crease, or Eyelid) to indicate how it can be used to play up the eyes. It's a fool proof shadow trio that's easy to use regardless of skill level. The stamped shadows take the guesswork out of color placement, or can be disregarded to create your own unique look.  

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Trio in Sweet As Candy comes with a light Cream "Browbone" shade, a warm Brown "Crease" shade, and a rich Pink "Eyelid" shade. I love the combination of the Pink "Eyelid" shade with the Brown "Crease" shade; it's a flattering modern update to a classic, feminine pink look.

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Wet n' Wild permanent line includes 12 Color Icon Trios and as well as the Limited Edition combinations released year round. Shadow combinations range from the more neutral based shades (like Sweet As Candy) to bold shades. There is something to suit just about everyone's taste. 

Eyelid, Crease, and Browbone

The shadows in this trio are highly pigmented and so soft that they feel almost creamy. They blend like a dream and when used together they create a perfect, defined eye look. They're long wearing and don't require a base, however, if you want to amp up the intensity you can apply these shadows over a cream base without the powdered shadow clumping. 

Wet n' Wild Color Icon shadows aren't cheap- they're just inexpensive. :) Their shadows are some of the best in the drugstore and at $2.99, are priced well below the other leading brands. If you have a few extra bucks to spare, try the Color Icon shadows for yourself.

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It's no secret that I love Wet n' Wild products, but I really think these shadows are ones that you shouldn't pass up. They're great quality- Period. After factoring in the price, it's an excellent bargain buy.

Let me know your thoughts and share with me your favorite trio. 


  1. I love the colour combination so much! The crease shade reminds me of chocolate! X

    1. You're right! It does look like chocolate... I think that makes me love it even more :)

  2. wet n wild does a variety of pink/brown/white trios. its hard to choose but i ended up with 'walking on eggshells'. now i feel like i want this one too! but many pink/brown/white trios do i need lol

    1. You're right, Sweet as Candy and Walking on Eggshells are very similar... but I still want both. So glad you feel the same, Jenn!

  3. I have this palette and I tend to reach for it a few times a week. It is so easy and effortless yet gorgeous! I just picked up "Walking on Eggshells" which is like a muted, softer version of this and I love it! I And for the price you can afford to stock up.

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85

    1. I'm so glad that you love them both, Jenna! I have Walking on Eggshells on my wishlist it's just a matter of buying it now :)

  4. I've never heard of this brand, I do love the colours though

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. I don't think they carry it in the UK, so that could explain why. You should be able to purchase WnW makeup on or Hope this helps!


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