Monday, September 16, 2013

NOTD: OPI Pink Flaminco vs. OPI Dim Sum Plum

One of my long time favorite polishes from OPI is Pink Flamenco and it's funny (to me) that I've never shown it in a NOTD. That ends today! 

This NOTD will also double as a comparison between OPI Pink Flamenco and OPI Dim Sum Plum. Why? Well I've noticed several people coming across my blog by searching (Google) for just that. Unfortunately they haven't been able to find what they're looking for... until now.

Nail Of The Day:

Base Coat: Sally Hansen Double Duty.

Color: Two coats of OPI Pink Flamenco on all my nails except my ring fingers- where I used two coats of OPI Dim Sum Plum

If you'd like see another swatch of OPI Dim Sum Plum, check out this past NOTD.

Top Coat: Essie Good To Go.  

OPI Pink Flamenco vs. OPI Dim Sum Plum

As you can see they're different colors, but definitely related. I believe these two are in the same color family, with OPI Pink Flamenco being several shades lighter than OPI Dim Sum Plum. It makes complete sense to me that I love them both and they're both staples in my polish collection. 

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