Friday, August 16, 2013

Wishlist: Nail Polish (2nd Edition)

I've been creating a new Fall inspired Nail Polish Wishlist over the past week to get myself pumped about the upcoming change of season. I recently moved up north, so Fall will feel like Fall for me this year. Check out Wishlist as well as my very first Nail Polish Wishlist

1st RowEssie After School Boy BlazerRevlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Orbit
Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Moon Dust, and OPI Russian Navy
2nd RowEssie For The Twill Of It and OPI Peace & Love & OPI
3rd Row
OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!Wet n' Wild Mega Last in Disturbia
Wet n' Wild Wet Shine in Night ProwlSinful Colors What's Your Name?, and OPI Every Month Is Octoberfest
4th RowOPI Embarca-dare YaEssie Sure ShotEssie Twin Sweater SetWet n' Wild Wet Shine in Burgundy FrostOPI Muri Muri On The Wall, and Sinful Colors Rich In Heart

Fuchsia, Red, & Burgundy:
OPI Embarca-dare Ya
This shimmery, berry red looks like it leans more on the side of Fuchsia. It's from OPI's new San Francisco Collection.

Essie Sure Shot-
I think this looks like an iridescent fuchsia berry. It's beautiful!

Essie Twin Sweater Set
This bright red is from Essie's 2013 Fall Collection. 

Wet n' Wild Wet Shine in Burgundy Frost-
A deep ruby red with sparkles. Yes please!

OPI Muri Muri On The Wall
A beautiful burgundy from the San Francisco Collection.

Sinful Colors Rich In Heart-
This is a very dark red with shimmer.

Purple & Plum:
OPI Every Month Is Octoberfest
It's possible that this is a little iridescent- I can't tell if it's a deep purple of a burgundy with shimmer because it varies greatly between the swatches I've seen. Regardless, I like it. This is from OPI's Germany Collection.

Wet n' Wild Mega Last in Disturbia-
Deep plum with fine shimmer. 

Wet n' Wild Wet Shine in Night Prowl-
This is a deep plum with sparkles (instead of shimmer like in Disturbia). They're similar, but look different from each other, I promise!

Sinful Colors What's Your Name?-
This is a super dark (basically black) purple with sparkles. I'm intrigued. 

Blue & Navy:
Essie After School Boy Blazer
This is a creamy, deep, dark, blue from Essie's 2013 Fall Collection.

OPI Russian Navy
Oh my! What a gorgeous navy! This is from OPI's Russian Collection. 

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Orbit-
This really cool two sided polish has a deep shade on one end and an over coat/ top coat with blue-tone flakes on the opposite end. I'm really curious to try this. Have any of you used these Revlon Nail Art Polishes?

Gray & Black:
Essie For The Twill Of It
This is the polish that started my new Nail Polish Wishlist when I saw it in an ad. I've seen it described as a brown duochrome, but it looks more like a silver/gray with duochome purple and teal to me... but what do I know? This is from Essie's new 2013 Fall Collection. 

OPI Peace & Love & OPI
This was the second polish on my list. It reminds me of For The Twill Of It, so I probably won't purchase both. Through my research, I've discovered that people who have both polishes tend to prefer the OPI's version, saying it's a smoother finish. As with For The Twill Of It, it looks like a silver/gray with duochrome purple and teal. This is from OPI's new San Francisco Collection. 

OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!
This is a creamy, dark, charcoal gray. In case you didn't pick up on the German... this is from OPI's Germany Collection. 

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Moon Dust-
I found a swatch of this polish online (on Kimber's Lacquer Korner), and holy cow, did it look amazing! Again, this polish is duel-sided with a creamy black shade on one end and a top coat with green, teal, and blue flakes on the opposite end.

What nail polish(es) is/are on your wishlist or which colors are you most drawn to for the Fall? 
Let me know in the comments.


  1. Great list and i love the colors.. ;)

    1. Glad you like the list! I'm excited to use some of these colors in the coming months!

  2. So funny! I had a fall wishlist for polish scheduled for today already! what nice timing. I didn't have any overlap with this wishlist, I really really want Essie Cashmere Bathrobe from their fall collection, the perfect grey for fall I think!

    1. Too funny! I'm going to check out your list right now!


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