Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation has been my most worn foundation this Spring and Summer. Today I want to share with you why it's been a favorite of mine and staple in my everyday makeup routine. 

Left: My bare hand 
Right: My hand with Revlon Nearly Naked
Sorry wasn't about to show my bare face :) but wanted to show how it evens out skin tone while freckles are still visible.

Revlon Nearly Naked is a light to medium foundation with a very natural finish as it blends into the skin. It's build-able, without looking cakey. Although I use a concealer to cover up any blemishes, foundation doesn't need to mask your actual skin. I love that this one evens out my skin tone, but still allows for its character to show through (it leaves my freckles visible).

Can you see the dewy Finish?

This foundation has a dewy finish that leaves my skin looking radiant and healthy. Since it is dewy, it never feels like it has completely dried, but I don't have any concerns about the foundation sliding off my face. It doesn't feel heavy- in fact, it feels fairly light weight.

I think this foundation could work for any skin type. I have Oily/Combo skin with a few dry patches from acne. I don't have to worry about this foundation clinging to, or accentuating, those dry areas. Also, it's dewy finish never comes across oily on my skin. I set my T-zone with pressed powder to control oil where I need it most without making my whole face look flat and matte. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation 110 Ivory Swatch

The 16 shades, ranging from light through dark include warm and cool tones. This provides for a nice color selection. It's very likely that most people would be able to find a shade that works for them. 

This foundation has a Broad Spectrum SPF of 20, which is a big step up from my Revlon ColorStay (SPF 6). I definitely gravitate toward a foundation with a higher SPF in the summer months to layer with my moisturizer (also with SPF), but sun protection is important year round. We want to protect our skin, but especially our faces, from premature aging and other less vain things like skin cancer.

Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation Packaging

The packaging looks nice and isn't round; I really appreciate that... so it won't roll around. However, this is another Revlon foundation without a pump. I understand them wanting to keep costs down, so it would be nice if Revlon would offer pumps (sold separately, of course) for those of us who prefer a less messy, and more sanitary, dispensing method.

As for the scent... it kinda smells like cinnamon to me. I don't really mind it, but how unusual is that? I may be the only one that thinks this, but it's my review, and so there you have it! :)
I would re-purchase the Revlon Nearly Naked Liquid Foundation again. I would also like to try the Nearly Naked Pressed Powder.

Let me know in the comments if you've tried either this liquid foundation or the pressed powder, and if so, what you thought.


  1. great review! I really want to try it now xx

  2. was considering this when it first came out and there was a big hullabaloo about it. hearing that it worked for your combo skin (i'm combo too) makes me even more curious.

    1. I was hesitant because I didn't think it would work for me, but I have been loving the finish and how great it feels on my skin. I really like Revlon ColorStay, but right now I'd say Nearly Naked is my favorite.

  3. Great review dear! How was the lasting power foundation? This will be on my list of products to grey most likely, so many Revlon products to snag! XD

    1. It lasts all day on me, but I do set it with powder. This has stood up during some tough times recently. I've been sweaty and just dab off the sweat and my foundation is still holding up. Check out to see if they have a $2 off Revlon foundation coupon if your interested!


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