Friday, July 19, 2013

Products I've Used Up- July 2013 Empties!

I enjoy Products I've Used Up posts because you usually get a munch of mini reviews from them. I've wanted to do one for a while, but it's been difficult for me to remember to save my empties (which is a fancy way to say trash). Even after I officially started saving them, I still managed to toss a few... oops.  

If you'd like to see what I've used up and what want to re-purchase, keep reading! 

Top Row: Revlon ColorStay Makeup Combination/Oily Skin in Ivory and Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Classic Ivory 10
Bottom Row: Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Poweder in 115 Ivory

Revlon ColorStay Makeup Combination/Oily Skin in Ivory- I've gone through so many bottles of this foundation over the past few years. It's my favorite full coverage foundation because it's a fairly close color match to my skin tone and it stays on all day; I just wish it had a pump! I'm good on foundation at the moment, but I'll definitely buy this one again in the future.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Classic Ivory 10- This is another one of my most used foundations (but again, no pump- what's up with that?) While it's us a little dark for me, the shading improves when I set it with pressed powder. I love how light this medium/full coverage foundation feels and that it has SPF. I've already picked up another bottle (check out my collective haul).

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Poweder in 115 Ivory- Somehow, I ended up with two of the same powder opened at once (both were near their end), so I picked one to use up first. I had forgotten how much I like this powder; its a great color match for me and provides nice coverage without leaving my skin looking flat and powdery. I've already put this on my wishlist for when I need a powder in the future.

Maybelline Volum' Express One By One Mascara, Wet n' Wild Mega Length Mascara, and Physicians Formula Organic Wear Lash Boosting Mascara

Maybelline Volum' Express One By One Mascara- I really liked the way this made my lashes look, but the scent gave me bad headaches. I highly recommend it if you aren't sensitive to smells. If you'd like to see what it looked like on my lashes, check out my full review with pictures.

Wet n' Wild Mega Length Mascara- This mascara is one of my favorites. I've already done a full review with pictures so I'll keep this sort. I've used up so many tubes over the past couple years and will re-purchase another as soon as I can find the non-waterproof version in stores again!

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Lash Boosting Mascara (Black Tube)- This was the wettest mascara I've ever used- it would still be wet at the end of the day when I was ready to remove my makeup! It smudged like crazy and the only way I could wear it was if I paired it with Wet n' Wild Mega Length Mascara. Using the two together, my lashes would eventually dry and look nice, but that's too much work. I will not re-purchase this mascara.

Top Row:  
Redken Body Full Shampoo and 
 Artec Kiwi Color Reflector Moisturizing Shampoo
Middle Row
 L'Oreal Professional Expert VoluMetry Shampoo &  
Conditioner (Sample Pack)
Bottom Row
 Redken Fresh Curls Conditioner and 
 Redken Chemistry All Soft Shot Phase

Hair Care:

Redken Body Full Shampoo- I've mentioned this shampoo before in a monthly favorites. My hair felt full and never weighed down when using this shampoo. I'll re-purchase it again when I'm in need of more shampoo (which isn't right now).

Artec Kiwi Color Reflector Moisturizing Shampoo- I'm really sad to have finished this. It's been one of my favorite shampoos for the past 8 or 9 years. It left my hair feeling really clean, healthy, and soft. The shampoo has been discontinued, and while it's still available online, I'm not sure if I'll be repurchasing it (unless I get lucky and find it at a beauty supply store while shopping with my mom).

L'Oreal Professional Expert VoluMetry Shampoo & Conditioner (Sample Pack)- This is the second set of sample packs I've used. I love this shampoo and conditioner and have done a full review. I'll purchase the full size version, but as I mentioned, I don't currently need shampoo (or conditioner). I have a lot of both that I want to finish before I buy any more.

Redken Fresh Curls Conditioner- I've mentioned this product (and line) several times before (most recently in my Colors of the Rainbow Tag). I love how it controls my curly hair. This particular bottle is one that I discovered I still had product in (and needed to use up). I've already started using the last bottle I have of this conditioner. Unfortunately, this line has also been discontinued, but still can be purchased online.

Redken Chemistry All Soft Shot Phase- This is a deep conditioning treatment for dry hair. I had some issues a while ago with hard water damage and my mom/stylist recommended that I try this to help condition it. It worked great; leaving my hair silky soft. For people with very dry hair, it can be used after every shampooing (if needed), and for those with regular/dry hair, it can be used once a week. I already have another deep conditioner (that my mom wants me to try) so I wont be repurchasing this right away, but I'll keep it in mind for the future.

Body & Face Care:

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Tini Shower Gel- I really enjoyed the scent of this body wash- coconut and vanilla and I've mentioned it in a past Favorites. It took me a while to use it up because I don't use body wash every day. I tend to stick with bar soap, but this was a nice treat. I'll repurchase this if B&BW brings the scent back this winter. 

The Body Shop Shea Soap- I can't picture this- when you use up a bar of soap there's nothing left to show! I figured I could mention this since it wasn't something I accidentally tossed (as I've done with other products not mentioned). I absolutely love the warm, nutty scent of TBS Shea products. This soap is moisturizing (but not oily) and left my skin feeling clean. It's great for dry skin, but anyone (including me with oily skin) can use it. I already have another bar of this soap in my stash.

Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract- These pre-moistened face wipes came in a pack of 30. I like the plastic closure on the package (as opposed to just a sticker closure); It did a good job keeping the towelettes from drying out. The towelettes themselves were a nice cloth-like material that felt nice on my face. I didn't mind their strong scent, but the formula itself seemed a little too strong for my sensitive skin. I don't see myself repurchasing this particular wipe, but I've heard they have one for sensitive skin... I may look into that. 

Mitchum Power Gel Deodorant in Unscented, Sure Invisible Solid in Unscented, and Sensodyne ProNamel in Fresh Breath

Sensodyne ProNamel in Fresh Breath- Over a year ago, I went to the dentist for a bi-annual teeth cleaning. The hygienist asked what I was doing differently because my teeth were less sensitive, stronger, whiter, and overall healthier. I told her that a couple months after my last appointment, my Grandma recommended I start using Sensodyne ProNamel because of my gastrointestinal issues (that can damage the enamel on my teeth). The hygienist couldn't believe it; she knew of Sensodyne's claims to strengthen and repair enamel, but didn't believe it was actually possible- seeing is believing. 

I've been using this toothpaste exclusively for the past year and a half now and will continue to do so. I recommend this to anyone who has sensitivity issues or problems with eroding of their enamel. Fresh Breath is my favorite variety/flavor.

Mitchum Power Gel Deodorant in Unscented (the Men's version)- Yes, I use the Men's version. I think the Men's and Women's formulas for this particular deodorant are the same, but there's a difference in the scents. I don't care for any of the scents I've tried in the Women's version (including Unscented), but I really like the way the Men's Unscented smells. I know unscented would imply it doesn't have a scent, but I think it does. I've been using this kind of deodorant for a few years now and already re-purchased it, but I'm currently using Secret Outlast (mentioned in this OOTD). 

Sure Invisible Solid in Unscented- I purchased this a while ago because my Mitchum was out of stock at the store, so I just went with the cheapest deodorant to hold me over until I could buy my regular brand. I didn't want to be wasteful, so I used it up. It claims to be an invisible solid, but that's a joke; I'd end up with marks on my clothes and you could see it on my under arms- not cute. The only redeeming qualities was that it was cheap and it felt creamy going on. I don't see myself re-purchasing.

Slatkin & Co Pineapple Mango 3 Wick Candle

Slatkin & Co Pineapple Mango 3 Wick Candle- My wicks are all burned up and I'm very sad about that. I really enjoyed this scent and it made my place smell so tropical. Lucky for me, I've just purchased another candle (mentioned in my Collective Haul) from Bath & Body Works.

What product(s) have you finished recently? 
Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I know you like a pump and I can understand why from the mess perspective. However, I hate pumps. I think they're just a good way for the companies to get us to waste product. My facial cleanser (Alba Hawaiian Coconut Milk Cleanser) has a pump which, I'm not gonna lie, is great when I'm at the beginning of the bottle. I use it in the shower and all I have to do is pump some in my hand and voila. But when I'm at the end of the bottle, like I am now, it sucks. I can see about a half inch or so of the cream on the bottom but it won't suck into the pump anymore because the pump stick is higher than it AND the bottle is so hard that I can't massage it up and out at the end like I could with a tube of toothpaste, say. So I end up having to add water to it to loosen it up enough to come up the straw, or I have to scrape the straw along the bottom as much as it'll reach to get it filled with cleanser so I can wipe the cleanser directly into my palm, or I have to pull a muscle in my arm shaking the bottle upside down to get it to move to the top. It's a nightmare and it has made me consider not repurchasing the item. So, in sum, I'm anti-pump. haha.

    1. Haha. I'm a fumbler so if I have to handle things in the shower it will be dropped. I can stand shaking a bottle (ketchup style) at the end of its life to get the remainder out for the convenience of pumping it out most of the time.

      I just saw something online it was this product spatula for beauty products. It would be perfect for you. I'll have to keep my eyes open for it. It was really skinny to get into bottle openings.

  2. "Which is a fancy way to say trash" - haha! I totally agree!

    Taiwan recently started selling the Revlon Colorstay foundations, we only have them in the oily/combination ones, but the ones here include pumps! I guess it'd only make sense since they sell them here for around $20. I LOVE the Maybelline One by One! I've never noticed that there was a scent to it tho - (a second later) okay, I just smelt the Maybelline mascara and yuck! I get what you mean by not liking the scent xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Hum... so they do produce a pump... maybe I can write Revlon requesting one :P
      I'm glad you checked the scent on the mascara! I'm so glad it's not in my head haha. I love the way it made my lashes look though!

  3. Very nice empties dearie! I don't like foundations without pumps either, they are just so annoying! But I still think I'll grab the Revlon Colorstay eventually... LOL. With all the raves on this foundation, I feel like I have too!
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

    1. I will eventually pick up another, but I have the CoverGirl 3 in 1 (that you recommended), a new Neutrogena Healthy Skin, and Revlon Nearly Naked that I don't need another foundation at the moment. I haven't even had the chance to try the CoverGirl foundation because I had to pack it away! I must unpack my makeup this week lol.

  4. love this post! how can you burn your candles in the summer? it's so hot where i live. i usually just leave the lid open and it does the trick for me. :p

    1. Oh it was hot! I finished up this candle during a power outage so I needed lighting. Other than that, I have the ceiling fans going so it keeps things cool and the candles help to keep the space smelling fresh.

  5. Great post Nikki! I wish the ColorStay foundation had a pump too!!


    1. We should all rally together and sign a letter to Revlon requesting one :)

  6. The BBW Vanilla-tini sounds amazing! Unfortunately we didn't get that one in Canada :(

    Making It Sparkle

    1. I was just unpacking my bathroom stuff and came across a travel body wash from B&BW that smells very similar to VanillaTini, but is called Coconut Vanilla from Signature Vanillas Collection and I found it on their website:
      Not sure if it's currently in stores or if it's available in Canada, but just thought you'd like to know.


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