Friday, July 12, 2013

Collective Makeup and Body Haul

I've been setting aside some beauty purchases from the past several weeks to do a collective haul for all of you. I've only been getting a couple items at a time from a few different stores, but it does add up. 

Foundation, Concealer, & Powder:

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Classic Ivory 10
This is one of my staple foundations and I have just run out. I used a $2 Off Target coupon, combined with a $2 Off manufactures coupon that I printed directly from, for a total of $4 Off. 

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation in Ivory 805
I read a great review by Pauline of Addicted To Makeup, so I decided to give this foundation a try. I had a coupon for it and also earned some CVS extra bucks. I haven't opened it yet, so I can't give my opinion other than to say, finally... a foundation with a pump! Yay!

Physicians Formula Conceal RX Physicians Strength Concealer in Fair Light-
This is another one I haven't used yet, but really should (to check to see if it's a color match). I've heard great things about this concealer and thought I'd give it a go. 

NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Powder in Naturally Beige 702A
I was watching Kendra C's Summer Essentials video and she mentioned this powder (in Translucent). I thought, for a couple dollars, it was worth lookin' into. I didn't purchase Translucent because the compact had been opened and used. The next closest shade was Naturally Beige, and lets be real- I've never used a face product with "Beige" in the name, but it seemed like it could work, so I'll try it. I haven't used it on my face yet, but it did blend on my arm. 


Wet n' Wild Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink
This was included on my Blush Wishlist. I've wanted this for a while, but it's always out of stock. When I saw it in the store I had to buy it... my list said so.

NYC Cheek Glow Blush in Sutton Place Peach-
Not gonna lie, this was an impulse buy. I saw this blush and thought that it looked like it could make a great bronzer for me! It's a darker, warmer blush with a subtle peachy-ness to it. I think this would look really natural and provide a healthy glow when worn as a blush on someone with darker skin, too. 

NYX Blush in Taupe
I had this on my Blush Wishlist, and while it's a blush, I wanted it for contouring. They don't carry this at my Ulta so I ordered it online from eBay. It's funny, even though I sell on eBay, I get nervous about buying from other people. Weird right?


L'Oreal Infallible 24hr Eye Shadow in Iced Latte
I purchased this shadow at the same time as a few of the other items mentioned in this haul, but I wasn't going to include it because I already have a review up, with swatches, of this shade (and the other shades I have). However, I wanted to share with you how to find coupons for L'Oreal makeup on L' If you use the "Makeup Consultation" tool, you'll be able to access manufacture coupons to print out. They have different coupons for a variety of makeup products (eyes, face, etc), so select "Makeup Consultation" for the type of product you have in mind. 


Almay Liquid Lip Balm in Apricot Pucker
I used a coupon from along with my CVS extra bucks. I opened the package as soon as I got into my car because I had try it. Liquid Lip Balm describes the feel of this gloss perfectly. I also think this is a fun shade for summer.

Nail Polish: 

Wet n' Wild MegaLast Nail Color in Sugar Coat-
Seeing this polish in the store reminded me of one of my favorite polishes, OPI Bubble Bath. I'll have to do a side by side comparison (maybe in a future post?) to see how similar they are, but this might be a budget friendly option for those who want a similar look (check out this NOTD with OPI Bubble Bath). 

Bath and Body Works:

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist in Malibu Heat (Travel Size)-
I love that B&BW makes travel size body mist because I can never seem to go through a full sized bottle. They also fit nicely into a purse if you like to refresh your fragrance during the day.  Although I have enough body mist, this one smelled like summer goodness and I couldn't resits; I detect coconut, orange/citrus, and a little vanilla. Seriously, I love all those things!

Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle in Market Peach-
I'd been resisting buying this candle for a while, but I finally broke down. I haven't burned this yet, but I'm looking forward to my place smelling like fresh-picked peaches!

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, you may have missed this mini haul from June of with some other products not mentioned above.

Let me know in the comments if you'd like a review on any of the products I've purchased.


  1. I just went to B&BW last night and picked out the Malibu Heat body wash (I lather on body wash for shaving instead of shaving gel). I, too, loved its summery coconut scent. I also picked up some Forever Sunshine wash. It's described as being golden apricot, pink peonies and a hint of praline. I think the praline smells like vanilla which will make this a great pick for me particularly toward the end of the summer moving into fall when I really want to smell vanilla for its warmth. There's something really comforting about this one. It was on sale for $5, too. Bonus! (But wasn't part of the B2G1/B3G2 sale, which was inconvenient.) Still, I had to have it.

    1. I have B&BW coupons and I want to use them, but I have to find them first. They are in the box that I haven't unpacked.

      I think my mom has the Forever Sunshine... maybe not, maybe I'm thinking of another one, but it does sound nice :)

  2. Nice haul, I need to go bath and body works and get myself some more candles!
    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

    1. I just got an email that they are 2 for $22 right now :)

  3. The healthy Skin Foundation is my favorite drugstore foundation! Unfortunately, it breaks me out so I can't really use it. Maybe I'll try the Covergirl 3-in-1. Let me know how you like it!

    1. Don't you just hate that? When you find a product that works for you except for one little thing... well breakouts don't quite feel like a little thing.

      I still haven't tried the CoverGirl 3 in 1 foundation, but hopefully I will be unpacking my makeup tomorrow and I can try it out.

  4. Glad you finally picked up the foundation! Let me know what you think of it as well as the Neutrogena Healthy Skin :)
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

    1. I can't wait to try the CoverGirl foundation. As for Neutrogena Healthy Skin- I already love it, but I'll plan on doing a full review sometime in the not too distant future :)


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