Monday, July 22, 2013

25 (Random) Things About Me Tag

I was tagged to do the 25 Random Things About Me Tag or the 25 Facts About Me Tag by Penny Rose at Pink and Petals and Pauline at Addicted to Makeup. Thank you both for tagging me! I'll admit, it was a challenge to come up with 25 things that most of you don't know about me, and who knows, you may even discover we have a few things in common.

  25 Random Things About Me:
  1. I love organizing; I'm happiest in my space when everything has, and is in, its place.
  2. I've worn my claddagh ring every day since age 8 and only take it off to shower (because it slips off if I don't).
  3. When getting ready in the morning, the last thing I do is get dressed.
  4. I'm a list maker; I make lists for everything. They help to clear my head and allow me to think. 
  5. I'm an insomniac. I've tried just about everything known to man to help improve/induce sleep, but nothing seems to do the trick. I've had issues sleeping since I was a child; I'm beginning to think I always will.
  6. I love to draw and paint, but rarely make the time for it anymore.
  7. I went to 2 different Universities (FSU and UCF) and had 3 different majors (Interior Design, Art Education, and Health Services Administration) before earning my Bachelor's Degree.
  8. My favorite class in college was Epidemiology.
  9. I love stationary- Note cards are my favorite. I always see sets that I want, but I must practice great restraint.
  10. I'm the youngest/favorite :) child in my family. I have one older brother.
  11. I was given a teddy bear the day I was born and he still has a spot on my bed.
  12. I have two scars on my face from chicken pox I had as a child. There was just no reasoning with me not to scratch.
  13. I can't whistle, but I haven't given up trying to learn. My dad is crazy good at it; he can whistle whole songs. I've always wanted to be able to do that.
  14. I consume a TON of salt with each meal (doctors orders). I have Low Blood Pressure and Low Sodium Levels, so I get to have as much salt as humanly possible.
  15. I once said that if there was one (specific) food that I could eat everyday it would be Rice A Roni Rice Pilaf... shortly after saying that, it was all I could eat for a few months. It's still a large part of my diet and I eat it almost every day... and still enjoy it!
  16. I have Gastroparesis, a stomach mobility disorder that affects my day to day life, including what I can eat (see #15).
  17. I have a major sweet tooth. I'm craving chocolate as I'm typing this...
  18. My arms hyper-extend to the point where they look like they're bending the wrong way. It freaks some people out, so I won't be including a picture. 
  19. I used to not understand how anyone could like reading; it was like torture for me. Since I'm dyslexic, I found it difficult and I was embarrassed. Now that I don't have reading deadlines or the fear of being called on to read in class, I actually like reading.
  20. I rarely watch actual TV (I've not had cable for a year). Instead, I catch specific shows I like to watch on Hulu, watch series or movies on Netflix, and watch videos on YouTube. 
  21. I have a fear of spiders. I want them all smushed dead, but not by me. Someone else needs to do the killing because I don't wanna get that close to them!
  22. I don't use ice in my drinks because it's a trigger for my Migraines.
  23. I taught myself how to do Sudoku puzzles a few years ago and have been hooked on them ever since.
  24. My favorite cleaning product is Pledge Furniture Polish. I love to dust with it and enjoy the classic Lemon scent.
  25. I have OCD. Just in case my obsessive list making, need to be organized, and love for cleaning products didn't tip you off- now you know.

I tag everyone to do this Tag. Let me know, in the comments, if you do this tag or have done it! I'd love to learn 25 things about you!
I'm also curious to know if I have any of these random things in common with any one of you. 


  1. Wow. You're so organized! I kinda make in I make them, then forget about them. And then make a whole new one when I need one. I love Sudoku! i've been more off than on lately, but now I'm itching to pick one up!

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Ha! I sometimes forget about the lists too, it just helps to write it down even if I put it away and don't revisit if for days!

  2. Lol i think im the favorite too! and I know i scratched my legs a ton when I had the chicken pox! Yay for sweet tooth!

    1. My parents read my blog (they signed up for the emails) and maybe they aren't reading closely or maybe they don't disagree with my statement because I they haven't said I'm wrong.

  3. We have 18, 20, and 23 in common dear :) I love freaking people out with my arms :B And Sudoku is highly addicting!
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

    1. Ha! I never realized how weird it looked till someone thought my arm was broken because it looked like it was bending the wrong way.

  4. I love making lists too! Whenever I say that to someone, they think I'm weird... Xx

    1. hehe... I can relate! I however don't think it's weird at all... it's just a great idea to make lists :) more people should take up the habit.


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