Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Something to be Thankful For

Before delving into today's post, I'd like to give fair warning that it will be a little different than the beauty and fashion posts that you're accustomed to. Beginning today, in addition to those usual entries, I'll also be including blog posts relating to lifestyle subjects. As the executive decision maker of Fairest's Favorites, I've deemed this to be okay :) and hope you agree.

I came across a quote on Pinterest that really hit home for me. Since re-pinning it on my Inspiration & Quotes Board, the quote has been re-pinned more than 50 times and liked over 15. It's nice to see how many people relate to this, and that for whatever reason, no matter what struggles they may be facing, their outlook on life is similar to my own.

I found this quote earlier this week after having a challenging few days. It's amazing how encouragement can find you (or vice versa) when you need it most. While I can relate to every line in this quote, what resonated most for me were these words: "I woke up with some aches and pains, but I woke up. My life may not be perfect but I am blessed."

My life is very different from most other people my age. I have health issues that I need to manage on a daily basis. This often keeps me from doing the things that I want or need to do. At times I feel like I'm being held back by my body, times when i get down, times when I feel sorry for myself. While I think it's normal to have a little pity party every so often, I can't allow that to become my life. I work at pushing forward; I remind myself how lucky and blessed I am... not only for what I do have in life, but for the simple fact that I have a life

I may wake up sick, but I wake up. After working myself up out of bed, I open the curtains and allow the sunshine to pour in. I have the chance to welcome another glorious day... and I'm thankful for that. 

What's something that reminds you of how lucky/blessed/thankful you are?


  1. That quote is really lovely! And as a reader of Fairest's Favorites, I also approve of the new lifestyle posts :) looking forward to them!

  2. I like the idea of adding in little inspirational post every once in a while. I think this was very brave of you to write! It couldn't have been easy to share something like this on your blog and I admire you for it!
    I do agree that sometimes a perfect quote like that can make all the difference after a rough few days. I'm glad you found it.
    Something that reminds me of how lucky I am is a ring that I wear from my mother. She has always been supportive of everything I do and I try not to take for granted everything that she has done for our family!
    This post really allowed me to reflect a little on my own life!
    Making It Sparkle

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the post; it sounds like you have have found a great role model in your mom and it's wonderful that you have a small token of her that you can keep close to you.

      It's not easy to put myself out there, but know I'm not the only one that ever experiences hard times and hopefully others will read this and know that they aren't ever alone that there's someone out there that can understand what it's like to struggle.

  3. Such a great quote Nikki, thanks for sharing :) xo

  4. Thanks for posting, seems not I'm not the only one having a bad week. I hope you have a fab weekend! :)


    1. Nope! Your never alone in whatever your feeling (happy, sad, angry, etc) there's always going to be someone else sharing a similar emotion or having a difficult time. Not that I have ill wishes on anyone else, but it's comforting to know that no one is ever really alone, everything has been felt before. It just makes everything seem so much more manageable and reminds me that were never alone.

      I hope this week is off to a better start for you!


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