Monday, April 22, 2013

Colored Bobby Pin Hairstyles

Brightly colored bobby pins are a great hair accessory for the spring and summer months! They can add a pop of color while also keeping your hair tame and out of your face. Like any trend, colored bobby pins may not be for everyone, and that's okay! If you're a firm believer in keeping bobby pins concealed, I understand; I won't try to convert anyone. :) 

I've put some hairstyle ideas together using the bobby pins that I painted in my last post, DIY: Colored Bobby Pins.  

Single Bobby Pin:
This is the simplest and easiest using one bobby pin.

Pins Clustered:
Cluster a group of pins of one color together (I've done 4 pins of one color).

Pins Spaced Out:
Pins spaced out to create a striping effect. You can use all one color or mix them together.

With all of the tips together, have the pins radiating out -like sunshine!

Tally Mark:
If you find it difficult to keep your hair secured with bobby pins all day, try this tally mark style. Place 3 pins slightly spaced out and cross a 4th pin over them. This will lock the pins and hold them securely in place.

1 or 2 "X" marks are another fun style that holds hair in well due to the interlocking method.

This gives a neat effect, although it may not stay in place well, and can be a bit of a pain to do/ fix. I recommend placing one bobby pin first and then interlocking the second bobby pin into the closed end of the first to create a "V" shape that will stay connected.

I think it would be fun to coordinate your bobby pins to match your most worn mani and/or pedi polish color or to match it with your bathing suite for a great poolside or beach look. Just brainstorming for you!

How would you wear the colored bobby pin trend and what is your favorite style?


  1. Great post! I know that I could not live without bobby pins!!

    Happy Monday!


    1. I know! I can't stand to have hair in my face so I love having these on hand days that I'm wearing my hair down.

  2. I love that you did the DIY and then a post on how to use them! You have some great ideas here!!

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award because I really enjoy reading your blog!!

    Making It Sparkle

    1. Thanks Valeska! I really appreciate it :)


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