Friday, March 15, 2013

How To Layer

Layering is a great way to transition between seasons, particularly Winter into Spring. It's time to ditch those warm winter clothes for some lighter and brighter spring items. Most parts of the country, or world for that matter, are much cooler than here in Florida. Dressing in layers is key because you still need to keep warm while incorporating your spring clothing. 

If you do live in a warmer climate, don't worry. You can still incorporate layers into your look, too. If you're like me, no matter how warm it is outside, I'm always cold indoors; everywhere you go in Florida, there's air conditioning. Always be prepared and look stylish... wasn't that the girl scout motto? :)

Tips for Layering: 
-Keeping bottom layers form-fitting will help to keep you from looking too bulky. Try fitted shirts, tanks, or camis.

-If you're wearing layers, you'll want them to be visible, right? Start with longer pieces and build on top of that. For example: Start with a shirt, then add a vest on top so both layers show. 

Forever21 White V-neck tee, New York & Co Suite Separate Vest

-When wearing dresses or skirts, add leggings or tights. This will not only add a layer and texture, but also some much needed warmth on cold days.

-Provide some contrast and mix things up by varying patterns, colors, fabrics, and even styles.

-Layering doesn't just involve clothes; think accessories too! Don't forget about belts, jewelry, and scarves. Have fun :) 

-Avoid going over board with the layers! You want to be able to move. Being able to bend your arms and legs would be nice, right? You'll want something that looks pulled together and finished, not like you put on everything you owned like Joey from Friends. Also, if you're like me, you won't want to have to wash a zillion things.

Joey on Friends: wearing all of Chandler's clothes. 

-Don't be afraid to try something new and different. Putting it on doesn't mean you must wear it out the door. You can always add items, consult the mirror, and remove anything you think is going a little overboard.

Building Layers:
Cooler Climates:

Start with the basics: For the purpose of this post, I thought jeans and a tee would be a great example because it's one of the most universal outfits; most people will have this in their closet. When building layers yourself, you can start with whatever your heart desires (dress, skirt and top, etc).
 Forever21 White V-neck tee, New York & Co Boot Cut Jeans, Nine West BoatShoes

Add a sweater: Pull over, cardigan, or fly away. I've chosen two different sweaters for examples: a fly away and a cardigan.
Romeo & Juliet Couture Gray Cable Knit Fly Away Sweater, New York & Co Mint Blue Cardigan

Add a belt: Sweaters can get a little bulky, by adding a belt around your waist you will help to cut down on bulk and accentuate your waist. 
Wide Black Leather & Elastic Belt

Skinny Brown Leather Belt

Add jewelry: I knew what other layers I'd be adding (you can peek ahead so you'll know too), so I added only earrings to my outfit because I didn't want to over do it. If you weren't adding any additional layers, you might opt for more jewelry. For additional jewelry examples, check out "Warmer Weather".
Forever21 Blue Earrings as seen in Jewelry Haul

Add a jacket: I've topped my cardigan with a denim jacket. Layering like this will keep you warm outdoors, but you can easily remove your jacket when you come inside to reveal your other stylish layers. 

Gap Denim Jacket

Add a scarf: A scarf can be an added layer with, or without, the jacket (I've included pictures of both). It adds softness around the face and can be a great opportunity to add pattern, color, and texture. 

Papaya Floral Scarf  **I saw this same scarf at Target in February**

Warmer Weather: 
Start with the basics: I will be wearing jeans and a tank top for this example. Again, I'm using this combination because it's a fairly universal outfit, and most people will have something similar in their closet. You can start with whatever basics you'd like.

Gap White Tank, New York & Co Boot Cut Jeans, Rainbows Leather Flip Flops

Add a top: I'm providing a few different options: layering with a tank, a tee shirt, a sheer over-sized top, and a button down.

Max Rave Coral Tank, Aeropostale Teal Tee, Target Mossimo Gray Dolmen Sleeve Top, and Charter Club Coral Button Down

Add jewelry: There are tons of possibilities when adding jewelry. You can choose a statement necklace, a long necklace that can be doubled up or paired with a shorter chain, or you may decide on a necklace that has built in layers, for added interest. 
Daisy Fuentes at Kohls Long Strand Silver Disk Necklace, worn doubled up and long

New York and Co Beaded Necklace (seen in Coral OOTD

Lauren Conrad at Kohls Long Strand Crystal Necklace (from Jewelry Haul), worn doubled up


Add a scarf: People in warm climates can wear scarfs too! Just look for light weight materials and you will be good to go :) Experiment with different ways to wear it. Keep in mind- I was sticking with one basic outfit, but I think adding a scarf over a dress would look great.

Bright Multi-color Scarf- worn long and knotted as shown in 2nd and 3rd picture

Papaya Floral Scarf **I saw this same scarf at Target in February**

Add a belt: I've added a belt on top of the button down top and the scarves. This is an easy way to define the waist, to make items look more tailored to your shape, or to re-invent an item.

Skinny Brown Leather Belt


Add a sweater or jacket: I like to carry a light weight crop sweater with me because it's small enough to fit in my purse when I'm not wearing it, but covers my shoulders and/or arms when I'm inside. Here are two cropped options: a shrug and a jacket- both have 3/4 length sleeves. 

New York & Co Teal Cropped Shrug, Forever21 Two-teared Beaded necklace

Von Mozart Black 3/4 Sleeve Blazer Jacket, New York & Co Layered Necklace

Remember, these are just examples. Take these tips and modify them to fit your style; make it your own and run with it! If you create a layered look, post a picture on your blog or Instagram and leave the link in the comments below so I can check it out! 

How do you feel about layers? Let me know in the comments if it's something you incorporate into your style or if you prefer to keep it simple. I'd like to thank my cousin Natalie for giving me the idea for this post!


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  2. A. I loved this post. It makes it so much easier to picture how many options one has when layering. (I know it took you forevs to do, but if you wanted to do a follow up starting with base dresses-particularly patterned ones-- I'd love to see those, too!)

    B. I can honestly say I've been taking more 'risks' with my wardrobe (and trying new things with my makeup) since I've started reading your blog. Thanks for the push to go out of my comfort zone-- turns out, it's kind of fun out there AND I think I look much better! (Who knew?!)

    C. I needs to get me more belts.

    D. Lily's favorite look was the cardigan with the scarf. She felt you look like her teacher Miss Taylor. haha. I liked that one a great deal too, but not because of your resemblance to her teacher.

    1. Doing another with a dress to start would be a great idea.
      So glad to hear that you've been trying new things and having fun doing it!
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    1. I'm so glad you liked the post and the Friends reference!
      I've never tried the scarf with a dress but after seeing the picture I can't wait to give it a try!

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