Monday, February 25, 2013

NOTD: Lavender and Sparkles!

I decided to give myself a manicure and a fresh coat of polish because I needed a little pick me up. I wanted something girly, sweet, and feminine. I selected a light purple and a pink and purple sparkle polish for an accent nail. It's been several months since I've painted an accent nail for an added pop. I love the way it looks and it always brings a smile to my face. 

L.A. Colors French Nails Purple and Maurices pink sparkle polish

L.A. Colors French Nails Purple

I painted my nails (except for my ring fingers) with 3 coats French Nails Purple from L.A.Colors. This brand is available at the dollar store, I found mine at The Dollar Tree. It's a fairly sheer coverage so you can apply one coat for a light wash of color or add several coats to build it up. 

Maurices pink sparkle polish

I applied 3 coats of sparkle polish to my ring fingers to give a full sparkle look. I used a pink and purple sparkle polish with a clear base from Maurices, a clothing store. This polish doesn't have a color name listed on the bottle. 

Essie Cascade Cool and OPI Mariah Carey Pink Yet Lavender

If you are looking for a similar polish look check out your local drugstore for Essie Cascade Cool and OPI Mariah Carey Pink Yet Lavender.

I'm currently looking for a rose gold nail polish, if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments. I'd greatly appreciate your help in my search! Thanks! 


  1. Omg I love LA colours nail polish! your the first person Ive seen do a review on it :) Love that pink colour its what ive been looking for!

    1. You know, now that you mention it, I haven't seen others do posts using LA Colors either. Where do you find your polishes? I've only ever seen mine at the dollar store and they don't have it consistently in stock.


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