Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY: Lip Scrub

I love lip balms; I wear them all the time, but I'm still susceptible to chapped lips. I have a bad habit of biting my lips. It sounds gross, maybe it is. I know for sure it's a problem because it causes my lips to dry out and crack regularly, not just during the winter like normal people. In addition to wearing lip balms and even applying my face moisturizer to my lips, I need to go a step further and use a scrub and exfoliate them. 

What you'll need:

  • 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 1.5-2 tbsp of sugar 
  • A container that can be sealed for storing left over scrub
  • A spoon or something to mix ingredients with

Why these ingredients? Well, I always have them on hand and they are perfect for a scrub, that's why! Really though, coconut oil is great for chapped lips, it softens the skin, moisturizes, and has antimicrobial properties so if your lips are cracked and split it can even help kill any potential bacteria that's lingering on your lips. Like coconut oil, honey is also moisturizing and has antibacterial properties. Lastly, the sugar will work as the actual exfoliant to slough off dead skin cells. It's gentile enough for your skin while still being abrasive enough to actually get the job done. 

Mixed 1 tsp Coconut Oil, 1 tsp Honey, 1 tbsp Sugar together. Then added 1/2 tbsp sugar more to mixture to make 1 1/2 tbsp Sugar total. 

Mix all ingredients together well, making a grainy, paste-like consistency.

Yummy Lip Scrub

To use:
This will vary depending on your personal preference. Start by wetting your lips with water and then choose one of two ways to apply. You can use your finger to apply the scrub and work it in, just be sure to wash your hands first. Or, you can apply it and use a toothbrush to work the scrub over your lips. I like to work in small, circular motions without applying too much pressure. Scrubbing too hard might be regrettable, just saying.

While on the topic, I only buy soft bristle brushes. It's what my dentist recommends for my teeth, but I also think that it's great for exfoliating your lips because the bristles are softer (obviously) and more flexible than a hard bristle brush. Using a harder toothbrush could peal, cut, or tear at your lips, especially if they're already chapped, cracked, and split. 

After working the scrub in circular motions for about a minute, rinse with water. I recommend applying a moisturizing lip balm afterward to help lock in the moisture and hydration. 

If your lips are extremely chapped, gradually work at getting them to where you want them to be. You may want to repeat using the scrub once a day or every other day until your lips are soft and smooth again. Remember, it's best not to be too aggressive with scrubs. You wouldn't want to overdo it and do more harm than good. 

Everything used in this scrub is safe to ingest and even tastes good. I store my scrub in the fridge and recommend only keeping it for a week. 

Do you have any at-home beauty remedies? Please share them in the comments below; I'd love to try out new DIY beauty options.

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  1. Looks yummy as well as effective. Where does one buy coconut oil?

    1. It is yummy! I think that's important with a lip scrub because I find it close to impossible to not get it in my mouth.

      My coconut oil is by Carrington Farms and I get it from Costco for around $15-$20 for 54 oz. It's pure, unrefined, cold pressed, organic, extra virgin coconut oil... those are all the characteristics you want. You can use it for everything too, hair treatment, body moisturizer, face lotion, and you can cook with it. It's great stuff.


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