Monday, December 3, 2012

Target Haul!

I was just running into Target for Cascade dishwasher tabs, but I walked out having spent way more than I intended. Really, one item turned into jewelry, shoes, clothes, in addition to what I went in for! I'm not sure how this happens. I honestly believed that going into the store without grabbing a shopping cart or basket would be the answer to cutting back on the extra buying. Nope. Target has great prices and I usually save money shopping there; that is as long as I can avoid temptation and practice self control. 

As soon as I walked into the store there was a gravitational pull sucking me into the jewelry and accessory department. I tried so hard to resist, especially because I just bought several pieces of jewelry (as you can see in my recent Jewelry Haul). That said, all of my self resistance failed me when I came across this silver necklace in the clearance section. It was originally $14.99, marked down to $4.48; that's 70% off! I have actually seen similar necklaces with the same tribal feel, which I've always liked, but it was just a matter of finding one at the right price point for me.

Target Silver Necklace; $4.48.

The accessory department leads into the shoe department which, also led to my next purchase. These Mossimo zebra print flats ($14.99) jumped out at me; I thought they were so cute, but almost passed them by. My feet don't usually (as in never) fit into ballet flats however, these have elastic at the heals so my feet don't flop out of them. Then, I found these great black boots with a great chunky zipper and buckle, also by Mossimo, for $34.99. They're comfortable, casual, and unlike the other black boots I have.

Mossimo Zebra Ballet Flats; $14.99 and Mossimo Black Buckle Boots; $34.99. 

Since I had obviously already tossed out the idea of restraint, I decided to check out the clothes. To my surprise, I found a few things in the clearance sections. I fell in love with this great Xhilaration skirt in the clearance section for $11.88, originally $16.99. It's all black with faux leather center panels in the front and back, and it also has an exposed gold zipper in the back for added detail. My next find is a Mossimo berry fly away knit sweater for $11.48, originally $22.99. I like how laid back and cozy it is and the pocket placement gives me a bit more shape. My last item is a gray and blue hybrid sweater jacket by Xhilaration. I'm crazy about this color combination and all of the zipper detailing looks so neat. That said, I wasn't sure how this sweater would fit into my wardrobe, but the best way to find out is to bring it home and try it with the clothes in my closet. This was originally $29.99, but marked down to $14.98. 

Xhileration Skirt; $11.88, Mossimo Fly Away Sweater; $11.48, Xhileration Jacket; $14.98. 

With my arms full of unplanned purchases, I headed to the check-out when... oops, I forgot what I came for! Don't you just hate when that happens? Lucky for my wallet, the dishwasher detergent isle ends before the makeup isles begin! 

Do any of you have the same problem as me when you go into super stores like Target?

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