Friday, December 7, 2012

OOTD: Berry Sweater

I wasn't planning on doing an OOTD today since I was just running errands, but since I'm wearing one of my recent purchases (from my Target haul) I thought, why not?

Top: Forever21 white teeMossimo berry knit fly away sweater, Pants: Cello skinny jeans, Shoes: Rainbow double arch in brown, Purse: Fossil bag

I get really cold inside with the AC, but with the weather being warmer this week, I thaw out as soon as I get out into the sun. Since I was going to be in and out of stores, I needed to layer to handle the frequent changes in temperature. I'm wearing a short sleeve white v-neck tee shirt with my new berry knit fly away sweater (as seen in my Target haul). This sweater feels cozy and comfortable. I'm really liking this color too, and it just so happens to match my nails (OPI Dim Sum Plum). 

OPI Dim Sum Plum

Since we've had great weather all week, I wanted to take advantage of the change and wear my flip flops again. I own the men's Rainbow sandals, and oh, how I've missed them! I find them to be super comfortable because they offer great arch support, have thick soles, and wide straps. 

For my accessories, I'm using my brown leather Fossil bag to coordinated with my shoes. My jewelry is simple, I'm wearing diamond earrings and a key necklace with rhinestones. I decided to skip bracelets since I was going to be putting my sweater on and taking it off all day long and I didn't want them snagging the knit fabric.

Hair in dutch braid and low pony tail, rhinestone key necklace, diamond earrings.

Today is a non shampoo day for my hair so I used my current favorite dry shampoo (from my November Favorites) instead. I did a small dutch braid on one side of my part and pulled my hair back in a low pony tail so my hair wouldn't get in my way during the day. This quick style gives the impression that I spent more time on my hair than I actually did. 

What do you normally wear when you are out running errands?


  1. What a very simple, yet very cute outfit! I love the color of the sweater!

    1. Thanks! I really like this sweater. Its comfy and the color perks me up :)


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