Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OOTD: Coral

Today was another fairly casual day, just out doing some shopping and waiting in the massive line at the post office. I wanted to be comfortable, but also needed a little pick me up. I decided to use bright cheerful accessories to help make me feel a little better. One of my favorite colors is coral and this OOTD has several different shades of it and I think it's lots of fun. 

Top: Forever21 light coral v-neck tee, Bottoms: skinny jeans, Purse: Coach black leather bag, Shoes: Margaretaville boat shoes

I tend to wear jeans and tees a lot. It's my go-to; what I feel most comfortable and most myself in. Today was no exception. I wore a light coral v-neck top with skinny jeans.

Necklace: New York & Co beaded necklace, Earrings: wide silver hoops, Bracelets: Tiffany & Co balls, heart tag, and Fossil linked with CZ charm

For accessories I wore a bright beaded necklace with pink, coral, orange, and silver beads. I bought this from New York & Co several years ago thinking it was so fun but, how many times will I really wear it? While it's not something I reach for on a regular basis, I do enjoy wearing it when the opportunity presents itself, and I get lots of complements too. For earrings, I wore wide silver hoops to complement, without competing with, the necklace. I've just stacked a few silver bracelets to round out my jewelry.

Coach black leather purse with Coach ponytail scarf

I decided to go with my Coach black leather purse today and used my coral polka dot Coach ponytail scarf to tie a bow on the handle. I L-O-V-E the ponytail scarfs from Coach because it's a simple and cute way to dress up your bag and outfit. It also gives your purse a quick update to change between seasons or outfits. Oh, and they're fairly inexpensive, especially compared to buying a whole new purse. 

My shoes are less than glamorous, but I wanted to be comfortable as I was doing more walking today than usual. They're just simple canvas boat shoes; well worn and loved. 


  1. A. Love your top and purse (and purse bow).
    B. That necklace is nice, but looks heavy as all get-out. I have a somewhat similar one from Kohls in turquoise shades, but every time I wear it, I get an ache in my neck and rarely make it the whole day. Boo.
    C. No Conga Line Coral nails??? (haha. That's always my go-to when I get a spring or summer pedicure. I don't go INTENDING to pick it, but I always end up doing it!)
    D. When I got dressed today, I totally thought about what my outfit would look like on an OOTD feature on your blog! (Alas, not as exciting!)

    Keep up the fun blogging-- I enjoy checking out what's in your purse, what you're wearing, and all the stuff you buy!


  2. A. Thanks!
    B. The necklace is actually pretty light. The beads on it are acrylic and hardly weigh anything and I think the silver beads might be plastic coated in silver.
    C. I don't own Conga Line Coral :(, although I do have several other coral shades. I too get into a coral nail kick during the spring and summer.
    D. This made me smile! If you ever have an outfit you'd like to show off send it my way!

  3. Looks comfy and casual yet really put together! Check out my blog when you get the chance and follow if you enjoyed!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Will check out your blog right now :)


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