Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve Hair

Very rarely do I take the time to actually do my hair. I'm fairly low maintenance in that regard, or possibly, lazy. Since my hair is so long, and it's so time consuming just brushing through it, I think that that qualifies as doing my hair. Leaving it to air dry or putting it up in a top knot will not do today though; no, not on New Year's Eve, it must be done! This is the night to start off with good habits for the year. So, on NYE, my hair will be styled!

My New Year's Eve hair tutorial is the final post in the three part series for my holiday look. It has all come together in time for the big day. If you haven't already viewed my other two posts, you still have time. Be sure to check out those posts to see my outfit and my makeup that I'll be wearing tonight.

I envy straight hair... mine is naturally curly. Since my hair is so long now, the sheer weight of it pulls out a lot of its curl, and makes it more wavy, or even straight. I still consider it a bit of a luxury to have straight hair because I have to spend the time using a heating tool to get it that way. Since NYE is a special occasion, I decided that it would be well worth the time invested in doing my hair. 

Here's how I did it:

Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

I began by using Redken's Fresh Curls Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair. I've been using Fresh Curls off and on for close to 15 years. I really love this stuff, but I may have purchased my very last bottle this month. Redken has phased out the line and replaced it with a new product called Curvaceous. I'm sure I'll eventually try it, but until then, I'll savor my Fresh Curls! You may be wondering why I used a shampoo designed for curly hair when I planned to straighten my hair. Fresh curls is great for however you decide to style your hair because it's all about taming and smoothing; it keeps curly hair in check. 

Redken Fresh Curls Curl Refiner

After shampooing, conditioning, and wrapping my hair in a towel for a few minutes, I used about an inch worth (its a thick cream so it snakes out) of Redken's Fresh Curls Curl Refiner. I first distributed it evenly in my hands and then worked it into the ponytail region of my hair, really focusing on the ends. After, I brushed through my hair and attempted to let it air dry.

Ion Blow Dryer, ConairPro Defuser. My hair dried, before flat ironing. 

My hair was air drying while I applied my makeup, but it was still wet when I finished. I opted to speed up the drying process by using the defuser attached to the blow dryer to finish the drying. You don't need to use a defuser, I just prefer it because I feel my hair gets less tangled this way since it's not being blown and whipped all around. It's a personal preference though. 

I wanted the final product to be straight hair, but not stick straight. I wanted it to have some movement to it. To help achieve this look, I used the flat iron on my hair and lightly curled the ends.

Section in layers 1. Bottom layer 2. Middle layer 3. Top layer (not pictured)

I began by sectioning off my hair in 3 main sections; the bottom, the middle, and the top. I then worked in smaller, 1" to 2" sections within those 3 main sections. 

 Chi Pink Flat Iron

1. Take a small section of hair 2. Clamp down straight iron and rotate 180 degrees away from face 3. Admire your curl!

I put about an inch thickness of hair into the flat iron and rotated it 180 degrees away from my face and pulled down guiding my hair along the plates. I repeated this step over all three of the main sections. I varied the speed that I moved the iron over my hair with each pass. I think this helps to create a more natural, not so perfect, look. 

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Hair Spray

Once the ironing was completed, I gently finger combed through my hair and lightly spritzed with hairspray to help my hair hold.

I'm really happy with the final product because it's different than my hair normally looks. Maybe I should make it one of my resolutions to spend more time doing my hair. I can't say I'll do this every day, but perhaps more than once a year. 

Have any of you started to think of resolutions for the New Year?

Hope you all have a very Happy New Year!


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