Monday, December 24, 2012

Nail of the Day: Silver French Tips

I recently saw Emily of Beauty Broadcast do a festive french tip gel manicure on her blog. I wanted to give it a try myself because I really liked the look and thought it would be fun for the holidays. While I don't have a gel kit, I decided to attempt it with regular nail polish and hope that it looks great for both Christmas and New Years Eve. 

I decided to shop my stash and search for polishes that would help me achieve a silver and festive nail look. 

Nicole by OPI Gone Platinum

I came across Gone Platinum from Nicole by OPI to paint my tips. This color is a pretty light silver that at certain angles looks a holographic white. I have no idea how old this nail polish, is but it's past its prime for sure. That said, I was able to make it work and applied one thin coat in a strip across the tips of my nails. 

OPI Bubble Bath

To fill in my nails (all but the tips), I used OPI's Bubble Bath. This is my 'go to' nail color because one coat give nails a natural, but healthy shine. 

Lastly, I topped off the entire nail with a clear top coat. If you have read any of my other NOTD you know that this is a step I usually skip, but I've finally included it! I decided since I didn't have one continuous color over the whole nail, a top coat would be a good idea. 

What polish will you be wearing for the holidays?

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