Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nail of the Day: OPI Dim Sum Plum

My nails were in need of some TLC so I decided to give myself a manicure. I went with OPI's Dim Sum Plum. It's a pretty purple- pink color. It reminds me of a deeper and darker version of one of my favorite OPI  colors, Pink Flamenco. I'm loving this one too. While I wear Pink Flamenco a lot during the spring and summer, I think this is a great color for fall and winter. 

OPI Dim Sum Plum

I applied a clear base coat and two coats of color to my nails, but I skipped the top coat. Maybe I'll get around to it later or, maybe not. I'm so bad about applying the top coat. By the time all my other layers (the necessary layers) are done drying I don't really want to sit around and wait for one more to dry. Any of you feel that way too? 

What's your NOTD?


  1. Hey Nikki!

    As it were, I treated myself to a mani last week. I was in the mood for a red hue because it seemed like everyone on General Hospital had a mani with red nails and I liked how it looked. I opted for OPI's The Spy Who Loved Me. It was a fire engine red hue with a sparkle. I liked it a lot. Unfortunately, by Sunday it had begun to chip a lot and I was tired of using some old Avon red shade I had in my drawer to do patch up work, so I took off the polish and have plain nails once again. Boo.

    But your color looks fab.

    Happy blogging!
    Best, Natalie

  2. Thanks Natalie! The Spy Who Loved Me might just be my favorite color from the OPI James Bond collection. The glitter is so fine and looks luxurious. It's too bad that your manicure didn't last longer. It should be a rule that as long as your nails are painted someone else has to do all the dirty work for you so they don't chip!


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