Friday, December 21, 2012

Fossil Haul

I'm the type of person that has a running wish list in my head, but I never write it down. If someone asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas my mind will go completely blank, I'll have forgotten my list ever existed, and I'll say, "Oh, there's nothing that I want or need." Is anyone else like this? 

One item that I've had on this wish list of mine is a large faced watch. It's something that I have wanted for well over a year now. I admire other people's  from afar, "window shopped" online, and try them on in stores. I've tried on so many watches, in many different price ranges, and even some that are way beyond my means (a girl can dream). Nothing had really wowed me. Well, let me clarify, almost all of them impressed me, that is, until I put them on my wrist, then I was less than impressed. 

That all changed when I returned to the Fossil store this week to buy a few items for eBay. I had been there a few weeks ago to buy a Christmas gift, and while there, I tried on a few watches that I liked, but they just weren't for me. On this visit I found a few watches that I didn't see the last time, and I decided to try again. My search is over- I have found the one. I treated myself and crossed off an item from my list.

Fossil Stella Faux Tortoise Glitz Watch, Fossil CZ Bracelet, Tiffany & Co Ball Bracelet, Fossil Pave Link Bracelet 

I bought myself the Fossil Stella Faux Tortoise Glitz Multifunction Watch. It has a tortoise resin band with a large multifunction face. On my previous visit to the store, I tried on one almost identical, but the face was dark brown. Although I liked the watch, there was something that wasn't right. As it turns out, it was the color of the face. My new watch has a white face with mother of pearl Day, Date, and 24-Hour Analog dials and surrounding the the face is, oh-so-sparkly, crystals. I adore it! It goes great with my silver bracelets that I wear just about every day. 

Fossil Bridget Leather Band Women's Watch, Fossil Wallace Faux Snake Skin Leather Band Women's Watch

There was a sale on watches, so I picked up a few more while there, and I plan on listing them on eBay. I bought another one just like mine, one with a large face and tan leather band, and one with a faux snake skin leather band. The store was less crowded than it was during my first visit. I feel that this helped me get a better look at what was in the store because, like my watch, I also hadn't seen the leather banded watches.

Fossil CZ Bracelet, Fossil Pave Link Bracelet

In addition to the watches, I also picked up some jewelry. During my first trip, I had purchased matching bracelets for me and my mom (I wore mine in my Coral OOTD). They are sterling silver link with a cubic zirconium charm. I was able to purchase a few more of those to sell on eBay. I also ended up buying another set of matching sterling silver bracelets for my mom and me that have some pave crystal links. I always liked friendship bracelets, and I really like knowing that me and my mom have matching bracelets. We can both look down at our wrist at any moment during the day and think of each other, and feel closer even though were 1,000 miles apart (aww). Lastly, I picked up a few necklaces for friends. 

Fossil Jewelry Stand

Then, to finish off my Fossil Haul, I bought a darling gold "T" stand jewelry tree. It has two little birds with crystal eyes, each sitting on either end of the stand. I really love little things like this; it's girly and whimsical. I initially thought I would list it on eBay, it will be perfect as a watch stand.

Once again, I spent way more money than I intended to, but it was, all-in-all, a great trip. I didn't intend to buy a watch, but since I had been looking for the perfect one for so long, I didn't want to pass it up. I've had my other Fossil watch for 16 years this Christmas, and I expect to have this one for many years to come, too.

What is something that you have on your wish list?


  1. "I'm the type of person that has a running wish list in my head, but I never write it down. If someone asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas my mind will go completely blank, I'll have forgotten my list ever existed, and I'll say, 'Oh, there's nothing that I want or need.' Is anyone else like this?"

    Totes ma-gotes, yo; that's SO me. So this year, for about a three-day period, I tried to actively write things down as I thought of them and I was all proud of myself. Then I triumphantly gave the list to my mom. Then I forgot what was on it when I tried thinking of the kinds of things I must've put on there. Then I couldn't think of anything else when other people asked me what I wanted. Then I felt dumb. Then I read your blog and realized I'm not alone. Then I didn't feel dumb anymore. Haha.

    I like the watch you chose for yourself, by the way.

    Love, Natalie

  2. Well I'm glad I could alleviate you feeling dumb. Spacey people of the world need to stick together.

    Christmas should be exciting though since you can't remember what you wanted but you already passed on the list to your mom.

    Also thank you, I look at my wrist just shy of a zillion times a day. I think I might be addicted to my watch.


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