Wednesday, November 14, 2012


If you've picked up a fashion magazine or clicked through a fashion blog recently I'm sure you have seen and are now familiar with the word “Oxblood”. It’s this seasons "it" color. I'm not crazy about the name; it doesn't conjure up the best mental images, now does it?  Getting past that, I love this color. I'm a fan of red; almost all shades. I feel the bolder the better. This deep burgundy or wine red color is a favorite of mine this season. I love how rich this color is. There are so many different shades and interpretations there really is something to suite most tastes and skin tones.  

Clockwise from Top Left Corner: New York & Co Ribbed Boatneck Sweater; $49.95 and Colored Skinny Leg Jeans; $59.95, New York & Co Lurex Knit Belted Sweater Dress; $64.95, New York & Co Colorblock Sheath Dress with Belt; $64.95, New York & Co Dangling Orbs Bib Necklace; $24.95, New York & Co Faceted Triple Drop Earrings; $14.95, Forever21 Pleated A-Line Blouse; $24.80, Forever21 Essential Perma-Creased Trousers; $22.80, Target Merona Opaque Tights; $8, Target Hailey Jeans Co Suede T-strap Round Toe Pumps; $34.99.

I have recently been doing some online browsing and found some items that I'd love to have and I wanted to share them with you. If you take a look at the list you can see that I was checking out only a few different stores: New York & Co, Forever21 and Target. All three are in the lower price range, nothing over $100 on my little collection of coveted items. The most expensive things are from New York & Co, but they are almost always having a sale.

I decided to check out my local Marshals to see if they had anything that fit the Oxblood trend. As luck would have it, I ended up finding a great pair of pants by Ci Sono and I paid $14.99 for them. These are stretchy pants and really comfortable; so comfortable it’s almost like I'm wearing leggings. I already owned a pair of pants similar to these in black so I had a good feeling before I even headed to the dressing room. 

Ci Sono Pants; $14.99.

After arriving back home, I decided to shop my stash to see if I could find something that I already own that would fit into the Oxblood category. I was hunting... searching rather, for Oxblood nail polish, lipstick, or lip gloss. Here's what I found:

Eyes Lip Face Nail Polish, Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia, Coach Pleated Front Wristlet

My favorite find from my "Shop my Stash" mission was the ELF nail polish. This alone is the reason shopping your stash is so great! I have had this polish for almost a year now and I had completely forgotten about it. I was able to re-discover a polish I really like and I didn't have to spend any additional money on it!

ELF Nail Polish

Since I'm so fair, I decided to go with a light wash of color on my lips instead of an opaque Oxblood lipstick. I chose Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia. I feel that this is the best way for me to incorporate the trend with makeup without overdoing it. While I'm sure there are plenty of people that can pull off wearing an opaque Oxblood lipstick, I don’t feel I'm one of them. 

On Lips: Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia 

How do you feel about the Oxblood trend? Love it? Hate it? Let me know if you have been incorporating the Oxblood trend into your fall style and what’s your favorite way to do it.

Also, if you haven't done so already, I encourage you to shop your stash and see what you find. I'd love to hear what you've re-discovered recently in a comment.


  1. I love oxblood! I have leggings in an oxblood color and I love them!

    1. What do you usually wear your leggings with? I'm looking for more ideas for my oxblood pants.


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